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Three Chapbooks from Moria Books’ Locofo Series:

To Be An Empire is To Burn! by Eileen R. Tabios

The Prometheus Collage by Mary Kasimor

“Three voices of violence and struggle”

Locofo, an imprint of Moria, presents politically oriented chapbooks. The first 100 in the first 100 days of the new administration of the always-at-war nation of the United States of America. These three books that I, a poet and also published at Moria, have answered to here is a razor cut through the contemporary poetry embodying a movement that initiates in the world and flowers into the political subject of the individual.

To Be An Empire Is To Burn!
Eileen R. Tabios

While the death of the young is a must for the corrupt civilisation to grow. While there must be loss for the ambitions of men in power. While all that is alive must perish—there must also be poetry. We will continue the slow reading for no money at all although admissions will be applied for a walk in the park. Breathing in the cities will be a pleasure for the wealthy. Poetry will present a fragile flower, dying in a vase, it will be a cliché—but from the rank waters poetry will draw lines in the streets cementing the circle of language of resistance. Ours will be gravel in any machinery meant to standardise humanity. Poetry, like water, breaks its containers when frozen ”from greed” (p. 11). No need for despair. Do not cry. It is as you say: not one murderer will be remembered and when the Empire burns, and its colonies rain with ashes, we will all burn. The light of poetry, even the faintest of novel sonnets, will char like suns beneath our skin. And we will be the fire and the water.

Twenty Moments That Changed The World
John C. Goodman

What has to take place for the world to change? What does it take? A white christian terrorist? Rouge states, armed with bombs and television? Your own nation state armed with bombs and television? An opulent power broker making friends with rulers that poison gas civilians? A walk amongst the ruins of your home? The girl next door turning your name over to the secret police? Your child’s suicide as she learns of the film candidly portraying her. The silent cry of a father left alone on an alien coast. The first time you kiss? The wrecking of the last bird’s nest? The flooding of every piece of farmable land? The removal of the last inefficient vowel left as a historical remnant? The complete removal of History from the curriculum as it is the only shadow to actually hold the means and tools of change? What do you think? What will it take for you?

The Prometheus Collage
Mary Kasimor

Revolution, it has to be said—it is more crucial than ever, is to ”not become the words that you have given me”. These poems are songs of revolt. These songs picture capitalism as the commodities, the words, are superimposed upon us. We who do all the labour. These poems picture the commodities as the ideas we submit to. Even language is built on this and historical slave labour. Revolution will not be a poem, but every poem will be revolution. And Mary Kasimor will be one of its singers.


Freke Räihä, poet, translator, critic who tries to write his biographical note while cooking spaghetti for the children. Lives in the rural south of Sweden and is considered the most incomprehensible poet in the Swedish language. Explanation model for ‘Virus’ was the 14th book since 2001.

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