Sunday, May 21, 2017


After Alex Tizon’s article "My Family’s Slave" as regards Eudocia Tomas Pulido 
(The Atlantic, June 2017)

What is Real

Do we dream
about memories?
Or do memories
become dreams?

Is your name
really Pedro?
Are you as handsome
as I picture you?

Do I really remember
you by my side
in the rice fields?
Did you really 
pick up my bolo
when I dropped it
and hand it back to me?

Or is my mind
playing tricks?
Because my pillow
is not you
But it is.

Maybe you are
just a beautiful dream
instead of a wistful memory
of a girl
who dreamed
of marrying you.

What does it matter now?
Bahala na.
I know my reality.
Katulong lang ako.

Amy Ray Pabalan is a poet whose poems appear in, among others, Verses Typhoon Yolanda (Meritage Press).

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